The Township of North Stormont requests public input during the development of the 2021 budget. Elected officials will be provided the first draft of the proposed 2021 municipal budget the week of December 21st, 2020. Budget deliberations will commence in late January 2021. Please take the opportunity to assist Council in the budget decision making process.

Please submit your suggestions to any elected official identified below by January 21st, 2021. Community involvement and suggestions are requested and appreciated.

Mayor Jim Wert (jwert@northstormont.cacreate new email)

Deputy Mayor Frank Landry (flandry@northstormont.cacreate new email)

Councillor Randy Douglas (rdouglas@northstormont.cacreate new email)

Councillor Steve Densham (sdensham@northstormont.cacreate new email)

Councillor Roxanne Villeneuve (rvilleneuve@northstormont.cacreate new email)