Possible strike in Cornwall

Possible strike in Cornwall, this Thursday: SDG’s communications branch just advised that there is a possibility that a strike could be launched as of this Thursday at the City of Cornwall. This could have an impact in services which the Counties and the City share. Please read below.


Possible grève à Cornwall, ce jeudi: le service des communications des Comtés unis de Stormont, Dundas et Glengarry nous avise d’une possible grève à la Ville de Cornwall dès ce jeudi. Cela pourrait avoir une incidence sur certains services que partagent les Comtés et la Ville. Veuillez lire plus bas (en anglais seulement).

Possible strike in Cornwall SDG press release

Notice of Water Main Flushing


May 7th


May 25th, 2007



Please be advised that during the period of water main flushing, you may experience rusty water.

Be sure to leave your faucet running until it is clear again.

Fire practice

Fire service will be practicing our shuttle accreditation this coming Tuesday may 1 st from 7 to 9 pm. Trucks will have sirens and lights activated to simulate an actual call.

The practice route will be held on highway 43 from MTO garage to the fire hydrant in finch in front of Smith and sons.

Do you live past 300 Meters from a Fire Hydrant?

You could be eligible for an insurance discount.
If you do, please contact your insurance agent or broker and advised them that The North Stormont Fire Services received their Superior Shuttle Accreditation.  This is certain circumstance pending your location and the company you deal with could allow you a discount on your home insurance.

Temporary Garage Structure

Temporary Garage Structure.  Comprehensive By-Law 08-2014
Notwithstanding anything else in this by-law, a temporary garage structure, commonly known as a “Tempo” garage, or similar structure shall be permitted between November 1, and April 30 in any year, without a building permit.  Should the owner/tenant establish a temporary structure year round, they will be required to obtain a building permit.  Such temporary garage structures shall be in compliance with setbacks for accessory structures.


Did you know North Stormont Township has a restriction on the number of dogs? Please get familiar with the Animal By-Law #070-05
All by-law can be found on the township’s website

County Road 9 Bridge work Construction notice

CORNWALL, March 29th, 2018 –  This is to inform all Tenants and Homeowners located on County Road 9, near the Berwick Bridge (east of the settlement area of Berwick), that the United Counties of Stormont, Dundas, and Glengarry Transportation Services has tendered the rehabilitation of Berwick Bridge for the 2018 construction season.

For more information please, click on the following link:


CORNWALL, 29 mars 2018 – Le Service des transports et d’urbanisme des Comtés unis de Stormont, Dundas et Glengarry (S, D et G) désire informer les propriétaires et contribuables des environs du chemin de comté 9 à Berwick que le pont de l’endroit (situé tout juste à l’est de cette localité) sera l’objet de travaux de réfection au cours de la saison de construction en 2018.

 Pour de plus amples informations prière de cliquer sur l’hyperlien suivant:

Pont de Berwick_refection

North Stormont Community Improvement Plan

North Stormont Township is initiating a Community Improvement Plan (CIP) project which aims to enhance portions of our rural economy. CIPs, as they are known, have been implemented in many Ontario communities thanks to the Ontario Municipal Association (AMO), dedicated municipal staff who conceive their own local plan and of course, participating members of the business community. In a nutshell, a CIP typically improves the looks of downtown cores and enhances assets while aiming to improve certain key areas in order to generate more visitors.

How would such a formula work within North Stormont? This is where you come in. A Community Improvement Plan is designed to offer incentives to help offset some of the cost of beautification work performed on downtown commercial buildings according to the budget which councils approve for the project in a given year.

How would the North Stormont CIP best help you?  



North Stormont Township thanks you for perusing through this leaflet and check-marking the financial help which would best help your business enhancement projects. Feel free to contact to Jacques Des Becquets, Economic, Communications and Recreation Agent at 613.984.2821, extension 226, or by e-mail, at jdesbecquets@northstormont.ca, if you would like to further discuss the CIP project.

We look forward to working in collaboration with you all in highlighting North Stormont Township!

2018 Half Load Restrictions

2018 Half Load Restrictions
Half load restrictions are expected to start on or about March 1st, 2018 on all County and Municipal Roads roads in the Township of North Stormont. Enforcement of half load restrictions will commence once half load signs are erected. The following are County year-round full load roads:

1. South of King’s Highway No. 401 on County Road Nos. 1, 14, 33 and 35;
2. County Road 15 from County Road 2 to the southwest leg of County Road 36;
3. County Road Nos. 31, 34, 43, 46; and
4. County Road No. 2 from Leeds & Grenville boundary to the City of Cornwall boundary and from the City of Cornwall boundary to the Ontario/Quebec boundary.

Persons contravening this regulation will be prosecuted under Section 122 of The Highway Traffic Act.

To check for the effective half-load starting date, please visit our website at http://www.sdgcounties.ca or the MTO website listed below.

Load restrictions
Under the Highway Traffic Act, the province enforces reduced load restrictions on trucks to protect Ontario’s highways during spring thaw, when road damage is most likely to occur.


Notice to Property Owners – SDG Official Plan

Ministry of Municipal Affairs will be changing the land use designation of your property as part of the Official Plan approval process. This designation change could potentially affect the future use of your property. The roll numbers of affected properties are noted on the address label or in a separate slip enclosed with this letter.

You are encouraged to visit the County’s website at sdgcounties.ca to review your property’s designation and ensure you understand its meaning and limitations. Most property owners will experience no impact as a result of the Ministry’s changes; however, some owners may be impacted and may wish to appeal.


Notice of Changes to Property