Eastern Ontario Local Food Conference 2019 / Conférence sur l’alimentation locale dans l’Est de l’Ontario 2019

More information on the conference can be found at www.eastontlocalfood.com 

We also invite you to read about Tareq Hadhad, the Keynote Speaker who is the founder and CEO of Peace by Chocolate, a business that was started on the East Coast of Canada – http://www.eastontlocalfood.com/speaker/tareq-hadhad-2/

Registration is done through the Ticketpro site – https://secure.ticketpro.ca/?lang=en&server=ww2&aff=NAV#def_1332979890

OCWA – Fall Hydrant Flushing for North Stormont – Oct 7 – Oct 25, 2019

Residents may notice a discolouration of the water at their homes during this period and for a short time thereafter.  If you notice a discolouration of your tap water, please run the water until it is clear. This discolouration is not hazardous to your health.  It is typical of a normal operating water distribution system.


Please call us if you have any questions or comments on how the Ontario Clean Water Agency can better serve you.


Thank you for your patience,