Township Property For Sale

The following property is currently for sale by the Township of North Stormont:


Additional information on each property is provided below.  Interested individuals must submit an Agreement of Purchase and Sale to the Township in order to express their interest in purchasing a property.

Property For Sale

There are no documents at this time.

Welcome to the Municipality of North Stormont Bid Opportunities

The following is a list of bid and tender opportunities. Each bid document provides the closing time and submission instructions. The bid document is the official document. Sometimes the information provided on this website is different than the information on the bid document. In all cases, the information on the bid document will prevail.

In addition to the documents below The Township also posts tenders and bids on the following two web sites:

Information on how to respond to any tender or bid is enclosed with in the relevant document.

The Township is currently accepting the following Requests for Tenders and Quotations: