Level 2 Red – reduce and stop nonessential use

Level 2 Red

A change to Level 2 Red can occur when one or more of the following low water response indicators are met: precipitation (less than 60 per cent of historical average over one and/or three months; three weeks without rain); Eramosa River flow (less than 50 per cent of minimum low flow); water storage level (less than 65 per cent of average).

Enforcement: In Level 2 Red, bylaw officers will investigate non-compliance of water use restrictions and issue a $130 ticket or court summons per program non-compliance event observed.

To report a water use violation

Affected activities

  • Lawn watering is not permitted
  • Watering decorative (e.g. flower) gardens – Alternate day and time restrictions (odd numbered address, odd numbered calendar day, even numbered address, even numbered calendar day, between 7 and 9 a.m. and 7 and 9 p.m.)
  • At home vehicle washing – At–home vehicle washing (cars, boats, trailers, etc.) is not permitted
  • Watering trees and food gardens – no restrictions
  • Recreational sprinklers for children, splash pads – no restrictions
  • Filling residential swimming and wading pools, hot tubs, garden ponds or fountains – no restrictions
  • Decorative fountains – must recirculate water

Look for these illustrations on road signs
and informational items

Lawn watering is not permitted

Lawn watering is not permitted

At home vehicle washing is not permitted

At–home vehicle washing (cars, boats, trailers, etc.) is not permitted

Water of gardens allowed with time restrictions

Watering of decorative (e.g. flower) gardens is permitted with alternate day and time restrictions

Watering of trees and food gardens permitted

Watering of trees and food gardens is permitted