Department Overview
Tax Rates & MPAC
Forms and Payment Options
Pre-Authorized Payments
Asset Management Plan
Purchasing Policy
Audited Financial Statements
Reporting of Financial Information
Property Tax Sale

Department Overview

The Finance Department oversees a variety of accounting and budgeting processes, including providing an annual balanced budget, tax billing, financial reporting and year end audits. The Finance Department monitors the annual budget and provides budget variances reports as a means of tracking and monitoring spending within the municipality. The Finance Department also invoices and collects water and sewer bills for the municipal water and sewer systems, and is responsible for the Township’s human resources, including benefits for Township employees.

Tax Rates & MPAC

Attached below are the tax rates for the Township of North Stormont. The Township posts the tax rates annually on its website once they are established for the year.

MPAC provides the municipality with the most up to date assessment information for your property. Your property taxes are calculated using the most recent Notice of Assessment, which is mailed out by MPAC. The most recent round of assessment was sent out in 2016. For more information on understanding your property assessment, please visit the MPAC website .

If you disagree with your assessment, you may appeal in one of two ways: through a request for reconsideration or through an appeal to the Assessment Review Board. Forms for a request for reconsideration are available on MPAC’s website. The deadline for filing a request for reconsideration is March 31, except the year of the assessment, please refer to your Property Assessment Notice for the exact dates.  If you wish to appeal your assessment to the Assessment Review Board, you can access the form on the MPAC website or by calling 1-866-296-6722. To assist you in filing either a request for reconsideration or an appeal, you should compare your assessment to at least six other similar properties. Instructions are available at the Township Office or you may also register with MPAC for “About My Property” to assist you in your appeal.

Forms and Payment Options

The Township accepts a variety of payment options:

a) At any bank (any payments after the due date could be subject to penalty).
b) Telephone or internet banking is available for customers having first made arrangement with their financial information institution.
c) By mailing in a cheque payment to the Township Office.
d) In person at the Township Office (between 8:30 and 4:00 p.m.). There is also a locked after-hours box for people wishing to leave payments after normal business hours. In person, the Township accepts, cash, money orders, cheques, interact and master-card payments. (fees for credit card payment may apply)

Please Note: Although payments online may be made on the day that the payment is due, the Township often does not receive confirmation from the bank until a few days later. This could result in a late payment and penalty being charged to your account. You are encouraged to make your payment a few days before the due date of your bill to ensure that the information is posted from the bank in a timely manner. Please refer to your financial institution for processing times.

Pre-Authorized Payments

The Township has set up a pre-authorized payment program for both water/sewer bills and tax bills. The pre-authorized payment plan allows ratepayers to pay ten equal payments per year without occurring interest. The plan commences with the first payment in February and ends with the last payment in November. To participate in this program your account must be up-to-date with no arrears. The municipality requires twenty days notice to sign up. The forms for pre-authorized payments are available below.

Asset Management Plan

The Township is legislatively required by the Province to develop and maintain a plan for the management of municipal assets. To view the Asset Management Plan for the municipality, please click on the provided document. Should you have any questions in regard to the Asset Management Plan, please contact the Township’s office.


The municipality on an annual basis must provide an operational and capital budget. Each year the Administration and Council go through a lengthy process to establish the budget for the following year. The Administration begins the budget process in early fall, presenting a draft budget for early December.

Purchasing Policy

The Purchasing Policy directs the administration on the various methods for procuring goods and services.  Methods may vary based on the dollar value of the goods or services the Township is seeking to purchase.

Audited Financial Statements

Each year the Township goes through an annual audit process. To access the Audited Financial Statements, please see the documents below.

Reporting of Financial Information

The Municipal Performance Measurement Program (MPMP) was announced by the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing in October of 2000. It is designed to provide taxpayers with useful information on service delivery and municipalities with a tool to improve those services over time. The Financial Information Report is the main data collection tool used by the Ministry to collect financial and statistical information on municipalities.

View Financial Information Return 2016 Data

View Financial Information Return 2015 Data

View Financial Information Return 2014 Data

Property Tax Sales

The Township is authorized under the Municipal Act to sell the properties to recover the outstanding taxes.  A Tax Arrears Certificate is registered on title if property taxes are unpaid on vacant or improved land for three years prior to January 1 of any year.

A Tax Arrears Certificate indicates that the property will be sold if taxes, penalties, interest and reasonable costs incurred by the Township are not paid within one year of registration of the certificate.  Upon expiration of the one-year redemption period and the cancellation price remains unpaid, the municipality may advertise the property for sale for non-payment of taxes.  The Township of North Stormont sells its Tax Sale properties via the public tender process.

Current Tax Sale Properties

The Township currently has two properties up for tax sale with a closing date of November 8th, 2018.  For more information, please view the purchase to tender.

  1.  Roll No. 0411-016-004-12201-00000; Highway 138, Monkland; PIN 60125-0188 (LT); Part Block B, Plan 64 as in TR12961 except R101; North Stormont; and
  2.  Roll No. 0411-016-004-45418-00000; Delaney Street; PIN 60125-0096 (LT); Lot 18, Plan 246; S/T S108839; North Stormont

How to find information about a future Tax Sale

All tax sales conducted by the Township of North Stormont are advertised once in the Ontario Gazette,, four times in a local newspaper and on the Township’s website.  Eligible bids must be at least equal to the advertised minimum, which will include all outstanding taxes, penalties and interest and HST if applicable.  Using forms provided on this website, the bid plus a certified cheque, bank draft or money order for 20% of the tendered amount must be submitted in a sealed envelope before the specified due date.

The Township does not maintain a mailing list of upcoming properties eligible for sale or of possible interested purchasers as Tax Sales may not be held regularly.  Interested parties are encouraged to check the Township’s website.

Related Information and Forms

The Tender to Purchase Form and Envelope Template for Submitting Bids are located below:

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