Department Overview
Load Restrictions Schedule and County Roads
Construction and Maintenance 2017
Water and Sewer

Department Overview

The Public Work’s Department takes care of the construction and maintenance of 348 kilometers of roadways, including paved surfaces, surface treated roads, gravel roads and farm roads. In addition, Public Works also provides garbage and recycling services, reviews and approves entrance permits, winter maintenance, maintains road equipment and vehicles as well as provides routine, year round patrols in accordance with minimum Provincial Maintenance Standards.

Load Restrictions Schedule and County Roads

Load Restrictions are dependent on the weather and the season. Advisories are posted accordingly. Please visit the Township’s website for up to date information on load restrictions.

The United Counties of SDG are responsible for all County Roads. If you should have  inquiries in regard to a County Road, please contact the United Counties at 613-932-1515 or by mail at:

United Counties of SDG
26 Pitt Street
Cornwall, ON K6J 3P2

Winter Maintenance

The Township of North Stormont is responsible for winter maintenance on Township owned roads that are open and maintained year round.

Construction and Maintenance

Each year the Public Works Department establishes a schedule for capital expenditures in regard to upgrading its infrastructure. This is done in accordance with the Township’s Asset Management Plan.

Water and Sewer

The Villages of Crysler, Finch and Moose Creek have water and sewer services available to them. The Township utilizes the services of the Ontario Clean Water Agency to maintain and oversee the operation of its water and sewer systems. Please contact OCWA if you have any questions or concerns in regard to the municipality’s water and sewer systems.

On an annual basis the Township receives drinking water reports for each of the three drinking water treatment centres.  These reports are available to the public below or at the Township office.