Summer Hydrant Flushing – Moose Creek

The Ontario Clean Water Agency (OCWA) will be commencing with the summer hydrant flushing for Moose Creek August 15th-17th, 2018.

Residents may notice a discolouration of the water at their homes during this period and for a short time thereafter.  If you notice a discolouration of your tap water, please run the water until it is clear.  This discolouration is not hazardous to your health.  It is typical of a normal operating water distribution system.

Please call OCWA if you have any questions or comments on how the Ontario Clean Water Agency can serve you better 1-800-667-6292.

Ouderkirk Road – Notice of Temporary Closure

Ouderkirk Road will be temporarily closed starting at 8 a.m. on August 14th, 2018 to accommodate the replacement of a culvert.  The Township will update the website once all work has been completed and the road is reopened.

For more information please contact Public Works at 613-984-2821 ext. 227 or

Ouderkirk Road – Notice of Temporary Closure

Do you live past 300 Meters from a Fire Hydrant?

You could be eligible for an insurance discount.
If you do, please contact your insurance agent or broker and advised them that The North Stormont Fire Services received their Superior Shuttle Accreditation.  This is certain circumstance pending your location and the company you deal with could allow you a discount on your home insurance.

Temporary Garage Structure

Temporary Garage Structure.  Comprehensive By-Law 08-2014
Notwithstanding anything else in this by-law, a temporary garage structure, commonly known as a “Tempo” garage, or similar structure shall be permitted between November 1, and April 30 in any year, without a building permit.  Should the owner/tenant establish a temporary structure year round, they will be required to obtain a building permit.  Such temporary garage structures shall be in compliance with setbacks for accessory structures.


Did you know North Stormont Township has a restriction on the number of dogs? Please get familiar with the Animal By-Law #070-05
All by-law can be found on the township’s website

Notice to Property Owners – SDG Official Plan

Ministry of Municipal Affairs will be changing the land use designation of your property as part of the Official Plan approval process. This designation change could potentially affect the future use of your property. The roll numbers of affected properties are noted on the address label or in a separate slip enclosed with this letter.

You are encouraged to visit the County’s website at to review your property’s designation and ensure you understand its meaning and limitations. Most property owners will experience no impact as a result of the Ministry’s changes; however, some owners may be impacted and may wish to appeal.

Notice of Changes to Property

Garbage and Recycling – New App

The Township of North Stormont is pleased to announce that it has teamed up with Recycle Coach to offer residents a new tool  to provide readily available access to their garbage and recycling schedule!

This new application is available on the Township’s website under the Garbage and Recycling page or by downloading it to your smart phone.  Never miss a recycling and garbage day again with push notifications and calendar reminders.  The app also features a search function to determine whether or not an item is recyclable, including alternative suggestions for disposing of items (i.e donate to a local reuse-it centre).

The application also features a reporting function, which allows  residents to report if their garbage pick-up was missed.  Additionally, the Township is also able to send out notifications to subscribers in the event that there are delays in garbage and recycling pick up.

Residents are encouraged to use and subscribe to the online application for up to date information on their recycling and garbage pick up.  For residents who have limited access to internet resources, please contact the municipality to request a printed copy of the calendar.  Please contact the administration at or by calling 613-984-2821 ext. 221.

2018 Municipal Grant Requests

The Township of North Stormont is accepting Municipal Grant requests for the 2018 budget.  Every year the Township receives requests from various groups and organizations within the Township to support their events or initiatives.  In order to budget accordingly, the Township has established a grant application process.

There are two separate application forms – one for a monetary grant and one for in-kind services to be supplied by the Township.

Please submit your grant application by October 31st, 2017 in order to be considered for the 2018 budget request.  Requests can be submitted to the Township in person or by e-mailing

For more information please contact the Township Office 613-984-2821 ext. 226.

Now’s the Time to Get Rid of Unused Medication – Safely

Spring Cleaning? Now’s the Time to Get Rid of Unused Medications – Safely

With the warmer weather, many people are diving into spring cleaning… cupboards and yards are being cleaned up, and used books, old furniture and clothes are being given away. The Eastern Ontario Health Unit is reminding residents that it’s also a good time to clear their homes of unused, unwanted or expired medications by safely disposing of them.

Prescription or over-the-counter medications that are no longer being used can be returned to most pharmacies throughout Eastern Ontario, without charge. In the Cornwall area, medications can also be dropped anonymously into secure Medi Drop boxes around the city. The medications are collected regularly and safely destroyed.

Keeping unwanted or unused medications at home can pose risks for homeowners and the community. These risks include:

  • Abuse of medications by kids or their friends to get high. A recent survey in Ontario showed that 20% of teens have taken a prescription medication to get high, and that 75% of those stole it from home.
  • Accidental poisonings of young children. According to Parachute (previously Safe Kids Canada), medications are the leading cause of unintentional poisonings in children under 14.
  • Home break-ins by thieves looking to get their hands on prescription drugs.

However, medications need to be disposed of safely. Flushing or pouring them down drains or throwing them in the trash is unsafe – it risks contaminating the water and harming wildlife, or inviting scavengers to find and illegally sell them.

“Clearing out your unused or expired medications and safely getting rid of them is a win-win for everyone,” says Robyn Hurtubise, Manager of Substance Misuse and Injury Prevention at the Eastern Ontario Health Unit. “It reduces the risk of harm to our kids, our community and the environment.”

Residents can contact their local pharmacy to see if they accept unused medications. Cornwall area residents can also visit to learn more about the Medi Drop program, what items can be deposited into the Medi Drop boxes, and the drop box locations.

For more information, contact the Eastern Ontario Health Unit at 613-933-1375 or at 1 800 267-7120. You can also visit our website at

For more information regarding this press release, please call Karine Hébert at 613-933-1375, ext. 294.

Vous faites le grand ménage? C’est le bon temps de se débarrasser des restes de médicaments – de façon sécuritaire

Quand le temps se réchauffe, bien des gens se lancent alors dans le grand ménage du printemps… on nettoie les armoires et la cour, on donne livres, vieux meubles et vêtements dont on ne veut plus. Le Bureau de santé de l’est de l’Ontario souhaite rappeler aux résidents que c’est aussi le bon moment de débarrasser la maison des médicaments expirés que vous n’avez pas utilisés ou que vous ne voulez plus de façon sécuritaire.

Les médicaments sur ordonnance ou en vente libre qui ne sont plus utilisés peuvent être retournés dans la plupart des pharmacies dans la région de l’Est ontarien sans frais. Dans la région de Cornwall, les médicaments peuvent aussi être déposés anonymement dans des boîtes sécurisées Médi Dépôt situées dans la ville. Les médicaments sont recueillis régulièrement et détruits de façon sécuritaire.

Garder à la maison des médicaments inutilisés dont vous ne voulez plus présente certains risques pour les propriétaires et la communauté. En voici quelques-uns :

  • Vos enfants ou leurs amis pourraient prendre des médicaments pour se droguer. Selon un récent sondage mené en Ontario, 20 % des adolescents ont déjà pris des médicaments sur ordonnance pour se droguer et 75 % d’entre eux ont dit les avoir volés à la maison.
  • Des jeunes enfants risquent de s’empoisonner accidentellement. SelonParachute (anciennement SécuriJeunes Canada), les médicaments sont la principale cause d’empoisonnement accidentel chez les enfants de moins de 14 ans.
  • Des voleurs pourraient entrer chez vous par effraction pour mettre la main sur des médicaments.

Il faut, cependant, que les médicaments soient éliminés de façon sécuritaire. Il est dangereux de les jeter dans la poubelle, l’évier ou la toilette, puisque cela risque de contaminer l’eau, de faire du tort à la faune ou d’inciter certaines personnes à fouiller les poubelles pour trouver des médicaments et les vendre illégalement.

« Mettre de l’ordre dans vos médicaments expirés ou ceux que vous ne voulez plus et en disposer de façon sécuritaire est une solution gagnante pour tout le monde », dit Robyn Hurtubise, gestionnaire, mésusage de substances et prévention des blessures au Bureau de santé de l’est de l’Ontario. « Cela diminue les risques de méfaits pour nos enfants, notre communauté et l’environnement. »

Les résidents peuvent entrer en contact avec leur pharmacie locale pour savoir si les médicaments non utilisés sont acceptés. Les résidents de la région de Cornwall peuvent aussi consulter pour en apprendre davantage sur le programme Médi Dépot, les articles qui peuvent être déposés dans les boîtes Médi Dépôt, et l’endroit où les trouver.

Pour en savoir plus, contactez le Bureau de santé de l’est de l’Ontario au 613-933-1375 ou au 1 800 267-7120. Vous pouvez aussi consulter notre site Web à

Pour de plus amples renseignements sur ce communiqué de presse, contactez Karine Hébert au 613-933-1375, poste 294.