Municipal and School Board Elections October 17th to October 22nd, 2018

The Township of North Stormont has two voting options:

Vote by Internet


Vote by Phone

As you prepare to vote by Internet or by Phone during the 2018 Municipal and School Board Elections, you will need your Voter Information Letter (VIL) which contains your confidential Personal Identification Number (PIN) along with the list of Candidates eligible to be elected. In addition, and as added security, you will be required to enter your date of birth (DOB).

You can either vote by Internet (anywhere / anytime) or by Phone (anywhere in North America). Your personal VIL provides the applicable website address or the applicable phone number that will enable you to vote.

As an option, and if you do not have access to the Internet, may we suggest you visit your local library branch or if needed, you can visit the municipal office / Voter Help Center.


Address: 15 Union Street, Berwick, ON

Phone: 1-833-984-8683

Election assistance / Voter Help Center hours are Monday through Friday, 9 A.M. to 4 P.M.

On Saturday, October 20 and Sunday, October 21, staff will also be available from 10 A.M. to 3 P.M.

On October 22, staff can assist from 9 A.M. to 8 P.M.

The following videos explain how to vote either through Internet voting or Telephone voting.

English Internet Voting 

French Internet Voting 

English Phone Voting 

French Phone Voting

Fire Prevention Week October 7th to October 13th, 2018

The North Stormont Fire Service is urging everyone in North Stormont to LOOK, LISTEN and LEARN about fire safety during the year’s Fire Prevention Week.  This year’s theme of Fire Prevention Week, which runs from October 7th-13th, 2018, is “LOOK.  LISTEN.  LEARN.  Be aware.  Fire can happen anywhere.”

The theme focuses on three fundamental actions people can take to be fire-safe:

  1. LOOK for potential fire hazards around your home.  Take action to prevent fire from starting:
    • Always stay in the kitchen while cooking.  If you must leave, turn off the stove.
    • Encourage smokers to smoke outside.  Always extinguish cigarettes in large, deep ashtrays that cannot be knocked over.
    • Check electrical cords for damage such as fraying or nicks.  A damaged cord can expose wires and result in a potential shock or fire hazard.
  2. LISTEN for the smoke alarms in an emergency.  Make sure everyone knows the sound of the smoke alarms and can hear them in an emergency.  Early detection of fire provided by smoke alarms gives you the extra seconds you need to get out safely.
  3. LEARN two ways out of every room.  Practice a home fire escape plan with everyone in your home before a fire starts so you and your family can get out quickly.

“Everyone has a responsibility to protect their family and home from fire.  Prevention is always the best course of action.  Identify potential fire hazards in your home and take action to make sure a fire doesn’t start.”

“Only working smoke alarms give you the early notification of fire and the time you and your family need to safely escape.  Many fatal fires occur at night when everyone is asleep, so early warning is crucial to survival.”

“Fire and smoke move faster than you.  There’s no time to figure out how to escape your home AFTER a fire starts.  Practice a home fire escape plan BEFORE there’s a fire so you can get out safely.”

– Dan Gauvin, Fire Chief


For more information on Fire Prevention, please contact the North Stormont Fire Service Fire Prevention Officer, Nancy-Ann Gauthier for more information.  Nancy-Ann can be reached at 613-984-2821 ext. 257 or,

Temporary Road Closure October 10th – McNeil Road

McNeil Road will be closed between Valley Street/Tolmies Corners Road and Highway 138 to accommodate the replacement of a culvert.  The closure is expected on Wednesday October 10th, 2018 starting at 7 a.m. and reopening at 5 p.m.  Please visit the Township’s website for the most up-to-date information.

Residents along this stretch of McNeil Road will have access to their properties.  Please note the location of the culvert that is to be replaced as indicated in the provided map.  Residents are encouraged to plan alternative routes as necessary.

Please contact the Public Works Department should you have any questions regarding the road closure at 613-984-2821 ext. 227 or

Temporary Road Closure Notice

Hydrant Flushing – October 9th to 26th

The Ontario Clean Water Agency (OCWA) will be commencing with the hydrant flushing for Crysler, Finch and Moose Creek between October 9th and 26th, 2018.

Residents may notice a discolouration of the water at their homes during this period and for a short time thereafter.  If you notice a discolouration of your tap water, please run the water until it is clear.  This discolouration is not hazardous to your health.  It is typical of a normal operating water distribution system.

Please call OCWA if you have any questions or comments on how the Ontario Clean Water Agency can serve you better 613-448-3098.

Office Closure – October 1st

The Township Office will be closed on Monday October 1st, 2018 to allow for staff to attend the funeral of a co-worker.

Your understanding during this time is greatly appreciated. Normal office hours will resume Tuesday October 2nd at 8:30 a.m.

Moderate (Level 2) Drought Conditions

South Nation Conservation’s Water Response Team met on September 21st to discuss the current drought conditions in the SNC jurisdiction.  The Team upgraded the drought advisory from minor to moderate (Level 2) for the Upper South Nation River Region.  This area extends from the South Nation River headwaters in Augusta Township to the Village of Casselman (map provided below).  The remainder of the jurisdiction will remain in a minor (Level 1) drought condition as originally issued on July 1st, 2018.

Since issuing a minor drought advisory in July, SNC has not seen conditions improved over the last month.  The rainfall received in August and September has been localized and is insufficient to improve soil moisture, streamflows, and groundwater levels.  Climate stations near the headwaters of the South Nation River indicated less than 60% of normal precipitation in the last 3 months.

Of the three drought levels, a Level 1 indicates that there is a potential for a water supply problem should current precipitation and stream flow trends persist.  A Level 2 condition indicates minor supply issues may be apparent and a Level 3 condition indicates the failure of the water supply to meet demand.

While in a Level 2 Drought Condition, SNC asks residents, businesses and other industries to reduce their water consumption by 20% by limiting non-essential uses.  It is also requested that municipal water conservation By-laws be enforced.

SNC’s Water Response Team, created under the Ontario Low Water Response program, consists of representatives from provincial and municipal governments, agriculture and other special interest groups.  SNC will continue to monitor the drought conditions and will provide updates as required.

For more information please contact Omar Kana’n at 1-877-984-2948 ext. 309, or Sandra Mancini at 1-877-984-2948 ext. 223

Watershed Map

New Changes to Residential Waste and Recycling Program

New changes are coming October 1st to the Waste and Recycling program at the Township of North Stormont.  By-law No. 46-2018 established a 2-garbage bag limit (up to 22kgs/50 lbs), prohibits loose garbage and implements new rules as to what can go into your recycling bin.  Residents are advised to become familiar with the new requirements or your garbage and recycling may not be picked up.  Flyers are being sent to all residents advising them of the new rules.

Bag tags can be purchased at the Township’s office if a resident requires more than the 2-bag limit.  The Township also issues each property owner an annual waste certificate for up to 500 kg to enter for free of charge GFL’s Waste Handling Facility.  The waste certificate is available for pick up at the Township Office Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Waste pick up occurs on a weekly basis.  Recycling pick up occurs bi-weekly.  Please visit the Township’s Waste and Recycling application on the Township’s website at to find out what day recycling is picked up in your neighbourhood and for more information on what materials can be recycled.

Every year the Township offers a hazardous waste day the first Saturday in June and holiday tree pick up the second week in January; Leaf and Yard pick up for 2018 is during the week of November 12-16th.  Leaf and Yard waste pick up is only available within the Villages and Hamlets and must be put out at the curb by 7 a.m. November 12th.

Electronic waste bins, a tire depot and scrap steel/white goods collection bins are available at East Patrol Garage, located at 2594 Tolmies Corner Road Moose Creek and West Patrol Garage, located at 19 Beaver Street Berwick.

For more information on Waste and Recycling within the Township of North Stormont, please visit the Township’s website or contact the Public Works Department at 613-984-2821 ext. 227 or

Waste and Recycling Flyer

Parent Forums on Cannabis

The Eastern Ontario Health Unit (EOHU) will be hosting a variety of forums throughout their region regarding Cannabis.  On October 17th, 2018, the Cannabis Act law will come into effect.  Topics of discussion include: general cannabis information, effects on physical and mental health, regional statistics, legalization – what is and is not permitted, recommendations and talking to your teen about cannabis.

The notices below identify the location of the forums, as well as dates and times.  For more information please contact the Eastern Ontario Health Unit at 1-800-267-7120 or

2019 Municipal Grants & Contributions Program

Do you have a community event, community project or program within the Township of North Stormont?  You may be eligible to apply to the Township to receive monetary support!

In 2015 the Township of North Stormont passed a Municipal Grants and Contributions policy to help streamline all requests for financial support for community groups, service clubs and recreation associations during the annual budget process.  Grants are subject to Council approval.

The Township is now accepting grant and in-kind service applications for the 2019 budget year.  The deadline to submit an application is Wednesday October 31st, 2018.  Applications received after the deadline will not be considered.

For more information on the municipal grants and in-kind service requests, please contact Amy Martin, Community Planner/EDO at 613-984-2821 ext. 226 or  A full description of the grants process, eligible and ineligible projects, as well as submission requirements are available in the policy provided below.

All completed applications can be sent to or dropped off at the Township Office, 15 Union Street, Berwick, ON.

Ouderkirk Road – Reopened

UPDATE – Ouderkirk Road has officially reopened as of 3 p.m. on August 28th, 2018.

Ouderkirk Road will be temporarily closed starting at 8 a.m. on August 14th, 2018 to accommodate the replacement of a culvert.  The Township will update the website once all work has been completed and the road is reopened.

For more information please contact Public Works at 613-984-2821 ext. 227 or

Ouderkirk Road – Notice of Temporary Closure