North Stormont Township is initiating a Community Improvement Plan (CIP) project which aims to enhance portions of our rural economy. CIPs, as they are known, have been implemented in many Ontario communities thanks to the Ontario Municipal Association (AMO), dedicated municipal staff who conceive their own local plan and of course, participating members of the business community. In a nutshell, a CIP typically improves the looks of downtown cores and enhances assets while aiming to improve certain key areas in order to generate more visitors.

How would such a formula work within North Stormont? This is where you come in. A Community Improvement Plan is designed to offer incentives to help offset some of the cost of beautification work performed on downtown commercial buildings according to the budget which councils approve for the project in a given year.

How would the North Stormont CIP best help you?  



Come and meet with us on Wednesday June 20th and Thursday June 28th 7:00 P.M. in the Council Chambers, 15 Union Street, Berwick, Ontario 

North Stormont Township thanks you for perusing through this leaflet and check-marking the financial help which would best help your business enhancement projects. Feel free to contact to Jacques Des Becquets, Economic, Communications and Recreation Agent at 613.984.2821, extension 226, or by e-mail, at, if you would like to further discuss the CIP project.

We look forward to working in collaboration with you all in highlighting North Stormont Township!