Invoice Listing Q&A from June 9th Council Meeting:

Invoice Listing Q&A from June 9th Council Meeting:

1. On page 21: 10042986 Canada Incorporated for $11,788.73 – Please explain what this is for and who the company is?

This is for planning services provided by Re: Public Urbanism

2. On page 23: Company named “Brandt” for a total invoice of $1,947.35 – Please explain what this is for? Is this for parts or is this also labour?

Parts (compressor and rings) for excavator

3. On page 23: Canada Life for $1,000.00 – What is this for?

To transfer claim history to new benefit provider. Will be reimbursed $500

4. On page 25 & 26: There is a group of cheques and they total $2,041.36 – Who are the 8 cheques written to? It only states “other”?

Trapper for municipal drains

5. On page 28: Cunningham Swan payment – total of $5,085.54 – Where does that expense show in our budget? Is it under “Legal Fees” or “Consultants”?

Under Legal Fees 1-4-1050-8200

6. On page 30: Emond Harnden – total $239.56 – Where does that expense show in our budget? Is it under “Legal Fees” or “Consultants”?

Under Legal Fees 1-4-1050-8200

7. On page 31: “Other” – total $896.00 – What is this for and who are the cheques written to?

Confidential information

8. On page 33: Great West Life for $13,770.00 – Is this the last payment to Great West Life or will there be more? And on that payment, I am requesting a copy of the Great West Life Contract and a copy of the new insurance company so that I can review and compare the two benefit packages.

Total expense was $16,396.99 with a $2,626.25 covid-19 credit = $13,770 last payment to Great West Life. Copies of benefit packages will be provided.

9. On page 33: Halfpenny Insurance $1,674.08 – What is this for?

Facility User Policy

10. On page 34: HR Downloads – total $3,727.00 – Was this amount budgeted? Where on the budget does this appear? Where is this company from?

Employee HR Training software budgeted under Admin Software/Purchased Data, from London Ontario

11. On page 38: Lockhart Facilitation – total $12,102. I understand this is for the Strategic Plan. Council allocated how much exactly to this? I believe it was $7,800 that Council put a motion through to move it from the modernization reserve, correct?Where has the balance of the money come from to pay the $12,102? If this is coming out of any reserve, a Motion of Council is required. A Motion of Council does not state to pay that amount. Further, are we expecting additional expenses from this company?

September report and verbal discussion allocated $8,400 – $8,500 as per CAO. Motion will be presented in detail to Council July 14th. No additional expenses are expected.

12. On page 39: Michelin North America Canada Inc., – total $1,073.05 – Is this strictly for parts for the recycling truck? Or what is this expense for?

Tires only for recycling truck

Spring Hydrant Flushing for Crysler, Finch & Moose Creek

Ontario Clean Water Agency will be commencing with the spring hydrant flushing for North Stormont, May 1 – May 31, 2020.

Residents may notice a discolouration of the water at their homes during this period and for a short time thereafter. If you notice a discolouration of your tap water, please run the water until it is clear. This discolouration is not hazardous to your health. It is typical of a normal operating water distribution system.

Please call us if you have any questions or comments on how the Ontario Clean Water Agency can better serve you.

Thank you for your patience,

Township of North Stormont



GFL has taken everything into account and has decided to re-open the facility to residential drop-off customers on Monday, May 4th.  A few conditions are listed below:

  • No cash being accepted – tap credit or debit only;
  • For larger loads that need to be unloaded at the tipping face, residents must bring their own PPE (hard hats, vests and steel toes).  We will not be lending PPE to any customers.
    • Note that the majority of residents do not need to access the tipping face.  Loads are usually small enough to be unloaded at the residential bin area (no PPE needed);
  • GFL requests that residents come to site with a face mask or cover to protect our scale house attendants.