Invoice Listing Q&A from June 9th Council Meeting:

1. On page 21: 10042986 Canada Incorporated for $11,788.73 – Please explain what this is for and who the company is?

This is for planning services provided by Re: Public Urbanism

2. On page 23: Company named “Brandt” for a total invoice of $1,947.35 – Please explain what this is for? Is this for parts or is this also labour?

Parts (compressor and rings) for excavator

3. On page 23: Canada Life for $1,000.00 – What is this for?

To transfer claim history to new benefit provider. Will be reimbursed $500

4. On page 25 & 26: There is a group of cheques and they total $2,041.36 – Who are the 8 cheques written to? It only states “other”?

Trapper for municipal drains

5. On page 28: Cunningham Swan payment – total of $5,085.54 – Where does that expense show in our budget? Is it under “Legal Fees” or “Consultants”?

Under Legal Fees 1-4-1050-8200

6. On page 30: Emond Harnden – total $239.56 – Where does that expense show in our budget? Is it under “Legal Fees” or “Consultants”?

Under Legal Fees 1-4-1050-8200

7. On page 31: “Other” – total $896.00 – What is this for and who are the cheques written to?

Confidential information

8. On page 33: Great West Life for $13,770.00 – Is this the last payment to Great West Life or will there be more? And on that payment, I am requesting a copy of the Great West Life Contract and a copy of the new insurance company so that I can review and compare the two benefit packages.

Total expense was $16,396.99 with a $2,626.25 covid-19 credit = $13,770 last payment to Great West Life. Copies of benefit packages will be provided.

9. On page 33: Halfpenny Insurance $1,674.08 – What is this for?

Facility User Policy

10. On page 34: HR Downloads – total $3,727.00 – Was this amount budgeted? Where on the budget does this appear? Where is this company from?

Employee HR Training software budgeted under Admin Software/Purchased Data, from London Ontario

11. On page 38: Lockhart Facilitation – total $12,102. I understand this is for the Strategic Plan. Council allocated how much exactly to this? I believe it was $7,800 that Council put a motion through to move it from the modernization reserve, correct?Where has the balance of the money come from to pay the $12,102? If this is coming out of any reserve, a Motion of Council is required. A Motion of Council does not state to pay that amount. Further, are we expecting additional expenses from this company?

September report and verbal discussion allocated $8,400 – $8,500 as per CAO. Motion will be presented in detail to Council July 14th. No additional expenses are expected.

12. On page 39: Michelin North America Canada Inc., – total $1,073.05 – Is this strictly for parts for the recycling truck? Or what is this expense for?

Tires only for recycling truck