Invoice Listing Q&A from November 10th Council Meeting


  1.   It is difficult to refer to the specific sheets on the Monthly Invoice List as they are not numbered.
  2.  Invoice 1004001 – 10042986 Canada Inc. for $7234.83. What projects is the Planning and Zoning cost for and is any of the costs recoverable from the proponents?
  3.  Invoice Ault 001 – for $11,127.68. Last month we received the Quarterly Report and legal fees amounted to $41,740.00. We budgeted for the complete year at $30,000. Is the $11,127.83 in addition to the $41,740.00?
  4.  Invoice CDWC001 – CDW Canada Inc. – There are a total of four invoices, which all relate to Emergency Measures and COVID-19. When I add up the “Paid Amounts” they do not add up to the total of those invoice as stated of $6,641.18. Can you clarify?
  5.  Invoice CLAR004 – Clarke Construction for $5,837.58. Please explain what this is for and on what roads is it for? Also, If this is limestone from the Nation Rise/EDPR sites, can you explain how the weights are calculated and if in fact our Township trucks hauled the material?
  6.  Invoice CORN01 – Cornwall Nissan of $33,205.00. My understanding is that this money was removed from the Modernization Reserve to purchase this vehicle, which was to be used equally between the Building Department and Bylaw Office. Is this still the case? Please explain who will be using this vehicle? My understanding is that it was purchased to save mileage costs – when will we see a Motion to transfer/remove this money from the Modernization Reserve?
  7.  Invoice EMON001 – Emond Harnden LLP of $15,951.02. The Quarterly Report we received in October 2020 totalled $41,740.oo for Legal Fees. We budgeted $30,000.00 in legal fees for the total year. Is the $15,951.00 for Emond Harnden LLP in addition to the $41,740.00? If so, it would now appear that we are 130% over budget in legal fees. Who is responsible to oversee these exceeded costs? I have been informed in previous communications on monthly invoices that Council members are not permitted to see invoices, however, Council should be notified of such exorbitant overruns. Please explain whey we are not notified and who in fact is responsible to approve such overrun costs?
  8.  Invoice INS1001 Insight Canada Inc of $6,681.10. What is this amount for? Please explain.
  9.  Invoice LBEL001 LBEL Inc $513.02. What is this amount for? Please explain.
  10.  Invoice OTTA005 Ottawa D-Squared Aggregates for $3,329.32. What roads was this material used on? What volumes were used? Who trucked the material?
  11.  Invoice UNIT001 United Counties of SDG $1,290,120.03. These are huge amounts to the North Stormont taxpayer. Would it be possible for the Mayor and Deputy Mayor who are paid to attend County council meetings to give us at least a verbal report on how this money is being spent? (Mayor and Deputy Mayor are copied in this email).

I ask this question because there are County roads in North Stormont that are in horrible condition and I don’t know if anyone is lobbying for repair or reconstruction of them.


  1.  There are page numbers on the invoice listing printed through VADIM (e.g. Page 1 – top right corner) as well as page numbers added to the council package (e.g. Page 20 – bottom right). I have no issues finding the invoice in question if the vendor name is provided.
  2. This invoice is not a project cost, they are consulting fees paid for planning services.
  3.  Yes, amounts that are expensed to 1-4-1050-8200 will add to the total of this account, to date is $66,292.12 – some of these costs are expected to be recovered (under revenue).
  4.  $71.17 + 5,355.66 + 538.96 + 675.39 = $6,641.18
  5.  As per Blake, limestone quarry rock was used from the Nation Rise sites for Concession 10-11 Road construction, hauled by Township trucks with spot checks weigh in’s at Blair’s scales to verify tonnage.
  6.  Yes, this vehicle was budgeted under By-Law to be financed through the Modernization Reserve. It will be used solely by the By-Law Officer. Transfers in and out of reserves are part of our year-end entries and will be presented to Council in the new year.
  7.  Please refer to #3. Management provides their best estimate of costs during budget deliberations for Council approval. Legal fees are among a few of the operating expenses we have that are very difficult to predict. We will be increasing the budgeted amount from last year under 1-4-1050-8200 for the first draft 2021. In general, any operating accounts within the GL that are under budget will finance those that are over budget. During the year-end audit process, Management will have to explain any large variances in the budget to actual, even if the variance exists as an amount that’s below budget (e.g. why are these funds unspent, are we meeting our service levels?). Council are informed by way of the quarterly variance reports. Any changes to the final budget that requires spending funds elsewhere requires a budget amendment from Council.
  8.  Insight Canada Inc. is for the Office 365 license renewals.
  9.  LBEL Inc. are lease payments for the office printers/copier.
  10.  As per Blake, was for Dewar Road 640 tonne in total: D-Squared hauled and gave approx. 220 tonnes at no charge, Township hauled and purchased the remaining 420 tonnes.
  11. This is the final levy installment the Township collects on behalf of the County and therefore would be included in their budget process.