1. Page 18 – 1004001-10042986 Canada Inc., $9364.88 – What is this invoice for and is any or all of it recoverable?
  2. Page 20 – BMAM001 – BMA Management Consulting – Please explain what this amount is for? It says “Water and Waste Financial Plan”? How often do we pay for this service?
  3. Page 20 – BUGE001 – What is the amount – it only says “other”? and what is this payment for?
  4. Page 22 – CDWC001 – CDW Canada $4,326.83 – Can you provide more detailed explanation on this amount? What is this invoice for?
  5. Page 26 – DBCR001 – DBC Environmental $3,168.75 – What hazardous waste do we have?
  6. Page 28 – DILI001 – $7,780.32 – What is this for? It says “Prepaid Expenses”. Is this a total estimated cost for 2021?
  7. Page 28 – EMON001 – Emond Harnden LLP $2,656.07. Please advise how much to date we have paid this firm in 2019-2020?
  8. Page 28 – “Other” – $895.00 – Is this amount paid for on a Township of North Stormont cheque and if so, how is it recoverable? And, can you make sure this link is shown as a separate line on the upcoming budget?
  9. Page 31 – GOLD001 Golder and Associates $1,985.79 – Please explain with more detail this amount?
  10. Page 32 – H & E Contracting $12,249.20 – it says “Capital Purchase” – Please explain the expense details?
  11. Page 36 – MacDonald Technical Services $7,819.77 – What is this expense for and for what reason specifically?
  12. Page 38 – NORT003 North Dundas – $100,076.36 – Please explain in detail and was this budgeted? I don’t recall seeing North Dundas in the 2020 budget as an expense.
  13. Please explain how I can submit an FOI based on financial invoices/financial information?


  1. Invoice for September 2020 planning consultant services rendered, not recoverable
  2. BMA Management Consulting prepared the Water and Wastewater Long Range Financial Plan that was presented to Council on October 27th. The plan prior to this one was prepared in 2011. It is a requirement to renew the Townships licensing.
  3. Stipend for a Committee of Adjustment Meeting.
  4. Invoice for 2 computers, 1 keyboard ($3,490.98) and 2 docking stations ($202.74 each) for Admin/By-law Departments, net cost = $3,896.46.
  5. Invoice to vacuum oil interceptors and drums of oil – Public Works Garage.
  6. Invoice for the Council Meeting Agenda software, iCompass, expensed to prepaids since this is a direct cost to 2021 (not estimated).
  7. $27,208.25 has been paid to date to Emond Harnden LLP. Less HST rebate and any recoverable amounts through revenue would equal the net cost to the Township.
  8. Yes, it is paid for on a Township of North Stormont cheque. It does not utilize taxation dollars (public funds) and is not a budgeted item.
  9. Invoice for landfill monitoring: Professional Services Rendered through 11/1/2020.
  10. Invoice for “Finch Arena Asphalt – Road Cut, south side of Finch”.
  11. Drainage Superintendent hours and mileage charges for October 2020.
  12. $185,000 was included in the final draft budget for the “Finch/Winchester Boundary Reconstruction”, as outlined in the 2020 Capital Schedule.
  13. You may fill out a request form though the IPC (Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario), the link is provided below: